© 2017 Becky Jaraiz: Women of Colour

El Escondite (Hidden)


Where is gender violence hidden and where is it found? Not only do the blows hurt, but also the anger or hatred that is articulated before them. Abuse also includes emotional wounds created, on many occasions, through words. Verbal violence is often the precedent for physical violence, sexual assault and femicide. Which would be the end of a long and confusing process.

The media propagate, however, an abbreviated image of abuse. The stories of the before or after (if there is an after…) are hardly taken into account and the psychic injuries suffered by the victim after the betrayal of their trust, the constant control or the manipulation of their reality (gaslighting) will never be named.

This leads to the violence being recognized too late […]

The works in this exhibition show the process of construction and deconstruction after the experience itself. Instead of hiding and pushing the experience away, the artist uses strokes and colors to question invisible forms of abuse.


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