Becky Jaraiz

Art & Illustration


| PUSSTOPIA: Collective Exhibition
| 19.11.2021 – 28.01.2021
| Frauenkreise. Choriner Str. 10, 10119 Berlin

After the exhibitions “Boys will be boys” & “Abstand” the Berlin based collective, PUSSART, comes back with a proposal under the premise what would happen if feminism reaches its goals? Will we live in a world where there is social, economic and political equality for all genders? Or, on the other hand, will feminism embody the nightmare of those who fear to lose their privileges and create a system in which men become the oppressed gender? Will the category of gender mutate and disappear to the point of living in a degendered world?

Pusstopia is, then, a fictitious utopian & dystopian world where patriarchal schemes fade and mutate into atemporal spaces in which fears, dreams & hopes coexist to unmask systemic social structures.

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